About us

At Twisted Pair Technology, we help small and medium-size businesses get the most out of their technology investment by providing technology support services, system updates, and regular maintenance.  We also help our clients enhance and upgrade their systems when needed.

Our services fall into five distinct service areas: Dedicated Helpdesk, System Integration, System Engineering, Compliance, and Security.

In carrying out our services, we bring a wide breadth of experience and knowledge with us. From workstation support to complete network engineering, you can count on us to offer you the latest strategies, software, and hardware. That’s because we’re dedicated to continually enhancing our skills through peer and industry groups.

The result: Our clients are fully able to leverage our skills, experience, and knowledge to bring the greatest return on their technology investment to their firm.

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Unlike most other IT firms, TwistedPair consultants see the broader corporate picture, which means that they understand and respond to our unique situation and needs

Applications Manager, Electric Supply Company May 10, 2016