Shannon Giblin, the founder of Twisted Pair Technology, knew that there had to be a better way. He had the desire to help other businesses succeed in the ever-changing world of information technology—and help them get the most from their investment.

This drive came from his experience helping to build large segments of the technology infrastructure of many Wall Street firms.

During his time on Wall Street, he saw the importance of providing excellent customer service, of truly listening to clients, of seeing the big picture, and of building relationships. He also saw he understood the need for exceptional organizational skills and a detail orientation to be effective working with technology. And, he saw that clients best succeed with their technology investment when they receive the utmost in customer service.

He knew that he could organize an IT firm that encapsulated all of these attributes—in addition having excellent technological know how and skills. And that’s just what he set out to when he founded TwistedPair Technology in 2005.

Today, Twisted Part Technology is known for providing exceptional customer service, maintaining great relationships with our clients, and having an expansive scope of experience, knowledge, and skills.  By maintaining our uniquely strong relationships with clients while continually updating our technology skills, we’re able to better understand their business needs and challenges and match the right solution to a situation.

So get to know us today.  You’ll see greater returns tomorrow!

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Typical IT firm tend to say ‘no’ as their first response. But TwistedPair is not like that. Their consultants listen well and they make sure they understand our perspective.

Controller, Beverage Distributor May 10, 2016