What would a technology firm be without a development staff?  For heterogeneous environments most engineering and integration projects require some code development or scripting to successfully complete the project.  Pull data from an existing system to make available in a new system or consolidating company data from various systems into a central repository or construct a unified API to GET/POST data for business use is where development and engineering complement each other.  TwistedPair can develop custom applications for specific business drivers or engineer bridging communication applications to integrate new architecture with existing business processes.

TwistedPair Technology is a Chicago based firm with local, broad US, and off shore development resources proficient with C, C++, C#, VB, PHP, Perl, HTML and PowerShell.  TwistedPair’s staff has a wide range of experience.  Some come from large corporate environments where multi-department communication is essential to small businesses where one-to-one interaction with owners/CEO is required.  Fundamental development methodologies are followed, project management with quasi-developers assist with communication and source control are all leveraged to produce quality and well document code and libraries.